Nov 30, 2010

As the morning melts away

Derrida's reception: in France he was known for his political stances
Extended '98 interview with David Foster Wallace
MFA vs. NYC: Which lit culture will win?
Ezra Pound: the 11-year-old poet
50 best documentaries
Stand up Kafka
Tree bombs
Gaga studies
New Deal utopias
What is philosophy?
Post-traumatic poetry
Porn stars read poems
Painting Christian nudes
Talking to Eileen Myles
New narratives, old brain
Eliot among the paleocons
Jay-Z deconstructs himself
Bush's non-decision points
Spirituals for White people
A Darwinian theory of beauty
Watching movies with Mormons
Wikileaks vs. American power
The Cherokee bruiser-for-hire
Help Tim Burton write his story
The cognitive cost of expertise
Dennis Lehane is back, baby, back
An unpublished Barry Hannah story
What does Wikileaks actually tell us?
The problems photographing Hemingway
Ian Fleming talks to Raymond Chandler
Are they forgetting Tolstoy in Russia?
Rene Girard talking to National Review
Comparing the Evangelical to the Mainline
Beliefs are not the precondition of action
Jane Smiley's Man who invented the computer
4 dead men of words: may they rest in peace
No more prayers at govt-funded soup kitchens
Bio disguised as memoir: ex-wife searches for PK Dick
John Updike and the curious business of lit reputations
Huxley v. Orwell & Postman's amusing ourselves to death
10 books that ended White male literary dominance in the US
The inevitability of prophecy among models of New York city
Dumpsites and Transience: the western photographs of Stephen Chalmers
Justice Stevens: death penalty shot through with politics, racism, hysteria