Nov 16, 2010

Puddles and rain

Jesus radicals
What Montaigne hath wrought
Towards an Agrarian Urbanism
Hating Foer/it's been done before
Collected essays of Robert Creeley
Translation, film, and ESL students
Is there anything left to say about Melville?
Trains and transportation essential to American economy
A 7-year-old's death, botched police raid, Detroit's death, and America now
Rejecting Wittgenstein's Mistress, and rejecting, and rejecting, and rejecting
The movie-history importance of the Night of the Hunter

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord
How many illegal immigrations do you think there are?
Yeah but where is Joseph Conrad's birth certificate?
Germany's gaping security loophole: slow paperwork
TS Eliot presided over literary culture's demise
Weisberg's Slate stutters after years of success
Erotica and the real first amendment fight
Homophobiaphobia (also an ideological move)
Hendrix, the patron saint of alt blackness
Graduate unemployment is at 17-year high
Lyrics, musicals vs. poetry, & Sondheim
The values of verse in the 21st century
Jonathan Safran Foer's novel by erasure
Elmore Leonard knows what to leave out
Pat Conroy's favorite Southern writers
A defense of journalistic objectivity
Goodard: is he the pimp or prostitute
Lit mag revival, courtesy of internet
Poetry and the US - Canadian border
Benjamin Franklin's social network
I could have joined the Tea Party
Cormac McCarthy vs. Larry McMurty
Politicizing the TV programming
Flarf: the Jon Stewart of poetry
Michael Chabon's 'wrecked novel'
Americans and the death penalty
Comics of comic book customers
Didion to write on aging
Goodards film socialism
Following snake signs
The future is looting
19th century Fox news
Letters to Lincoln
New DeLillo covers
Idiots with wings
Bellow's letters
Talking to Foer
Oh, yep