Nov 5, 2010

Table for one in the Fall

Theodore C. Sorensen, speechwriter for Kennedy, dies at 82. May he rest in peace.
Supreme Court hears arguments in violent video game censorship case
Novel does immigrant life w/o sentimentalism: How to read the air
What does George Bush think is the worst moment of his presidency?
Yes, Virginia, Tis' the season to deck the halls with cliches
liberty, Liberty, and a short history of capitalization
Maya Angelou and James Baldwin walked into a bar
A life of portraits at Dutch shooting galleries
Govt works with YouTube to censor Al Qaeda videos
David Simon and the influence of Paths of Glory
Ted Sorensen was a keeper of Democratic ideals
Gay Talese's boxers, ballers and silent heroes
Limbaugh vs. Lincoln, or, the arc of the GOP
Dinosaur skull found in polished church wall
Circus: artists and oddballs under the tent
Zizek and the Excremental Body of Christ
Documentary of Stephen Mettitt's writing
Wittgenstein shows everyone his doodle
Mark Twain's brilliant brand management
French theory today (&possible futures)
What's going on with German literature
James Franco's short stories are bad
The Tea Party backlash was worth it
Bush: I gave orders to waterboard
Jesus Loves you, Scott McClanahan
The election after "Citizens United"
Lit tattoos from around the world
The myth of black confederates
An introduction to Elliott Smith
GOP makes Midwest the new South
Young like art better outdoors
Jonathan Letham talks movies
David Markson and naive art
Amazon's 100 books for 2010
New York photos: 68 to 78
Ray Bradbury wrote me back
History of Occult America
Overheard in the newsroom
A Terry Gilliam short film
Happy Birthday Ezra Pound
Tarantino and philosophy
Paul Auster in Brooklyn
New Derrida biography
Walt Whitman's grief
NPR in the heartland
Conservatives on TV
Expired domain girl
Top 10 Republicans
Tao Lin in Germany
Anthology of rap
Jury duty notes
Save the words!
Life of chess