Dec 31, 2010

The best of 2010
a personal list

1 offer to start a Ph.D.
1 wedding anniversary, which Beth and I spent in Vienna.
1 new book shelf.
1 thesis in the process of being written.
2 web sites used to pirate American TV in Germany.
2 years in Tuebingen.
2 siblings who visited me.
3 pictures of Kalyn, one of Beth's interns, that were most-viewed and most-favorited on my Flickr page.
3 times per day we prayed at Taize.
4 days at an academic conference in England, where I presented a paper for the first time, and tried to talk academically about one of the first murders I reported on.
4 direct mentions of Martin Heidegger in my writing.
5 "preachers who do not believe" in Daniel Dennett's study, which I wrote about for Killing the Buddha, which my doctor-father read before offering me a position studying with him.
5 articles published by online magazines, including a book review, and "It Sounds Weird," which I still really like.
5 countries I was in.
6 hours a week in a classroom teaching per semester.
6 English pre-tests given before the Winter semester started.
7 friends who came to see me in South Bend.
7 posts as a writer at TheThe poetry blog.
8 years of blogging.
11 Wittgenstein on Wednesdays, a translation and reading project.
17 World Cup games watched.
19 Weiherhaldenstrasse, where I lived with Beth.
31 pictures of windows.
33 days spent in America.
47 books read.
75 page paper on war photography.
80 percent -- about the average of what I understood of the sermons at Jacobus Gemeinde.
95 individual page views of last post on Wittgenstein.
98 students to teach grammar and academic paper-writing in the fall.
100 Wilhelmstrassee, which I think of as ein hundred, which is where Beth's campus ministry house is in Tuebingen.
117 -- The Delta flight from Stuttgart to Atlanta.
191 years since the birth of Walt Whitman, the poet I spent the summer working through and writing about.