Dec 24, 2010

In-law Christmas

Census maps
Scripture sport
RIP writers of 2010
Zizek and Theology
A year in marginalia
God does not not exist
Wittgenstein after Norway
Laundromat literary project
Inhumane prison conditions for the wikileaker
The struggles of evangelical environmentalists
Sanatorum's long (long) shot for the White House
Seattle's grunge mascot poet, Steven Jay Bernstein
James Mann, who drafted Nixon impeachment, dies at 90. May he rest in peace.
How to write like an average undergraduate male
Claude-Levi Strauss's 1st English bio
Are prizes the real reason for poetry?
Translation as literary ambassador
The youngest successful religion
Writer's wives
Kant was right
Maud Newton
1st edition Pynchon
Struggling with Santa
Progressive heroes of 2010
Thinking w/ word processor
A short history of film title design
What the left still doesn’t get about rape
How the GOP lost on the new START treaty
The first Jewish-annotated New Testament
Santa: a brief history of brand management
Empowerment and the sacred, a call for papers
Black Swan, The Wrestler, and redemptive self-destruction
We can’t even imagine the end of the world without borrowing the past
The church of Assange, or what’s the difference between the man, idea and politics?
Republicans really really want you to call them racists
Pat Robertson supports decriminalizing pot
Jon Stewart takes cable news too seriously
Conservative heroes: always better dead?
Berlin gets 20th century art for Christmas
The space offered to public intellectuals
David Foster Wallace and Wittgenstein
Standing athwart history
Taboo in public
Yale’s iTunes U
Barthes lectures
The lost Canadians
Talking to Garry Kasparov
From Jefferson to Assange
Journalist's avoiding the conversion
The assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Franzen finally talks to Oprah, and oy!
Jesus in the sky, or, a theodicy problem
140 bears killed on the first day of New Jersey's bear hunt
Private Manning and the making of Wikileaks
The best argument against gay marriage (Robbie George's) is nothing new, and

Of course Christimas is a myth. Thank God!
How will future critics read the cloud?
Malcolm Gladwell's reading for 2010
Wikileaks and language poetry
World's most expensive book
Homeschooling comes of age
Talking to Walter Mosley
Big Fucking Hit TV show
Translation ambassadors