Dec 7, 2010

What Daniel Dennet doesn't know

1. Cog (Dennett's artificial intelligence project) failed to achieve any of its goals and is already in a museum. But, as far as I know, neither Dennett nor anyone connected with the project has published an account of the failure and asked what mistaken assumptions underlay their absurd optimism.
-- Hubert L. Dreyfus

2. Even those sympathetic to the recent wave of evolutionary attacks on religion cannot help feeling that something is missing there: Dawkins and company lack a minimum of understanding of what religion is about, of how it works.
-- Slajov Zizek

3. There are many great Wittgensteins to choose from. My hero is the one who showed us new ways of being suspicious of our own convictions when confronting the mysteries of the mind.
-- Daniel Dennett