Jan 4, 2011

In books, the man said, in books rowed up on the shelf you see, for the first time, your own death. You begin to measure the time this way. To come to feel the passing of life in titles. You come to look at a library the way the alchemists kept skulls on their desks, as a time check. Remember death, reads the space of every shelf, remember the limitations. I read 47 books, this last year. And 43, the year before, and 40 the year before that.

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Books read in 2010
1. Inherent Vice, by Thomas Pynchon
2. Blackwater, by Jeremy Scahill
3. The Twenty-Seventh City, by Jonathan Franzen
4. War and Photography, by Caroline Brothers
5. Practices of Looking, by Marita Sturken and Lisa Cartwright
6. The Boys on the Bus, by Timothy Crouse

7. Invisible Republic, by Greil Marcus
8. Lost in the Fun House, by John Barth
9. The Media is the Massage, by Marshall McLuhan
10. The Men Who Stare at Goats, by Jon Ronson
11. The Known World, by Edward P. Jones
12. In Defense of Lost Causes, by Slovoj Žižek
13. Blood's a Rover, by James Ellroy
14. Hooking Up, by Tom Wolfe
15. Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism, ed. by Barry Hankins
16. England Your England and Other Essays, by George Orwell
7. The Reality of the Mass Media, by Niklas Luhmann
18. Luhmann Explained, by Hans-Georg Moeller
19. The Kingdom and the Power, by Gay Talese
20. Democracy, by Joan Didion
21. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave. Written by Himself.
22. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
23. Girl with Curious Hair, by David Foster Wallace
24. History of American Evangelicalism Reader, ed. by Jan Stievermann
25. The Switch, by Elmore Leonard
26. Distant Star, by Roberto Bolaño
27. Writing the Rapture, by Crawford Gribben
28. American Psycho, by Bret Easton Ellis
29. Logicomix, by Apostolos Doxiadis and Christos H. Papadimitiriou
30. Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins
31. A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K. Dick
32. Leaves of Grass, and Other Writings, by Walt Whitman
33. Race Matters, by Cornell West
34. The Big Kill, by Mickey Spillane
35. Nobody Move, by Denis Johnson
36. The Hilliker Curse, by James Ellroy
37. The Things they Carried, by Tim O'Brien
38. Nixonland, by Rick Perlstein
39. The Corner, by David Simon and Ed Burns
40. On Ideology, by Louis Althusser
41. The Family, by Jeff Sharlett
42. Religious Revolutionaries, by Robert C. Fuller
43. Religion and Science in America Reader, ed. by Jan Stievermann
44. Triparadisus, by Cotton Mather
45. The Ezekiel Option, by Joel Rosenburg.
46. Rumour of Angels, by Peter Berger.
47. Clockers, by Richard Price.