Jan 31, 2011

The twisted fantastic

Students today
Debating the problems of secularism
Guillermo del Toro's quest to show the monsters
NY Times documentary a spirited defense of print media in the years of its greatest crisis
Charlie Louvin, a country and gospel music legend, dies at 83. May he rest in peace.
The great mind of Daniel Bell
Obama and Niebuhr
Reality radio
Beowulf socks
Sharia creeps
RFK's secret files
The new neurosexism
Talking to Tom Ford
The age of co-working
How artists must dress
Marshall McLuhan speaks
Alternative Kafka covers
Jack Chick is Robert Crumb
What happened to modernism?
In defense of psychoanalysis
When is it called terrorism?
Iraq and Slaughter-House Five
Assange and the New York Times
Ira Glass on religion and stories
Holden Caulfield's Goddamn War
Offering dinner with the movies
Price of Truman Capote's house slashed
Thinking through the 3/5ths compromise
Cohen Bro. on the cartography of cinema
Congressman wants to track FOIA requests
Revisiting Conrad's The Heart of Darkness
Documentary goes inside the New York Times
Hubble sees 480 million years into history
Stanley Fish's idea of how to write a sentence
Arab protest poetry: To the tyrants of the world
A very very thorough guide to the English passive
Congressmen seek to cut back birthright citizenship
A physicist explains why parallel universes may exist
Why have there been no great modern religious artists?
60 percent of science teachers afraid to teach science
Olberman's retirement and the limits of politics on TV
British critics consider: is the age of the critic over?
Immigration official's give "gay test" to asylums seekers
250 years later, still no gender neutral singular pronoun
The problem with regarding photograpy of suffering as pornography
Daniel Bell, original New York Public Intellectual, dies at 91. May he rest in piece.
Irving Kristol, his magazine and his teenage Trotskyism