Mar 8, 2011

But kings don't sleep here anymore

The art of the police report
David Foster Wallace, edited
Tom Waits and Robert Frank (what they were thinking)
Don't blame the victim (even though it makes you feel better)
Christopher Nolan's Memento, 10 years later
Jesse Jackson reads Green Eggs and Ham
Map of the languages of the world
NPR letter writers are the worst
Reading Gaga's Born This Way
Pulpy German sci fi covers
Richard Dawkins, literally
Leo Strauss archives
Reading churches
Picture on the cover: the origin of the use of photos on book covers
Judith Coplon, who gave Justice Dept. info to Soviets, dies at 89. May she rest in peace.
Peter Gomes, complicated man and minister, dies at 68. May he rest in peace.
Jewish identity and pride is not a good reason to oppose anti-semitism
Security studies should seriously consider non-violence
Tao Lin’s ‘Shoplifting from American Apparel’ the movie
Radical Atheism and the arche-materiality of time
First Latino Archbishop in US takes to the pulpit
Catholics come out with new bible translation
Mil chaplain: rape must have been God’s will
The libertarian case for health care mandate
C.S. Lewis’s translation of the Aeneid found
Unsung heroes of the thermo-nuclear age
Yoga: neither very old nor very Hindu
The marginalization of Lacan
Lovecraft’s favorite words
Rap lets the freak flag fly
The evolution of the eye
Rumsfeld’s clean-up job
Blue Like Jazz, the movie
The president’s speech
Boyle’s finest novel yet
Religious art is still art
Tyson’s pigeons