Mar 15, 2011

Watching for the way it will be
Donald L. Cox, Black Panther, dies at 74. May he rest in peace. Bret Easton Ellis: Charlie Sheen is winning: winning America Christian college head resigns, guilty of wire fraud Online poker invaded by poker-playing bots What if you took Glen Beck seriously? Mormons running for the White House One man's fight to save the Euro What comes before the question? Adapting Philip K. Dick's Ubik The internet tried to kill me The abuse of Private Manning Don't talk to the police Edward Gorey mania All things nuclear Writer's sheds Thomas Kuhn's ashtray A history of anarchism America's Muslim debate Germany's Muslim debate Marijuana legalization a serious issue Smithsonian to restore Jefferson Bible Introduction to Rene Girard anthropology of violence The problem with Mardi Gras -- you have only one body Eddie Kirkand, who lived the blues while trying to live the blues, dies at 87. May he rest in peace. Owsley Stanley, LSD chemist, is dead at 76. May he rest in peace. Musical pi Mathematical ad-speak America’s new psychedelic music Coming out of New York subways More read news online than on paper How Obama betrayed his Gitmo promise When do negative reviews have positive effects? Interview with the author of “Unprotected Texts” Bands with crazy but awesome names from SXSW ‘11 Ira Glass defends public radio from charges of liberal bias “that which I lack faith in is Church of England Christianity” Alexander Graham Bell's delightfully weird sketchbooks David Simon on opportunities for actresses in “other America” Talking to Eugene Peterson, pastor and translator of The Message Bible.