Apr 6, 2011

Prayer pop quiz
Adherents of which American religious groups are most likely to experience "a definitive answer to a specific prayer" on a regular basis?

- Black Protestants. 68 percent of those attending historically Black churches and said they prayed regularly said they experienced definitive and specific answers to their prayers. 34 percent said at least once a week, 16 percent said monthly, 18 percent said annually.

- Jehovah's Witnesses. 63 percent, among Witnesses who say they pray more than seldom. Rates of experiences of answers: 36 percent once a week, 13 percent once or twice a month, 14 percent several times a year.

- Muslims. 63 percent of American Muslims who pray more than seldom experience definitive answers. 31 percent every week, 12 percent every month, 20 percent several times a year.

From Pew Forum's religious research operation, where a lot of interesting information is available.