Jun 8, 2011

American Religion midterm take-home quiz

1. What are the differences between the First Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening?
2. Did enslaved Africans in American find Christianity to be oppressive, empowering, or both?
3. What do utopian experiments (e.g. Amana Society, Brook Farm, Oneida, Mormonism, etc.) demonstrate about the religious climate in the new American republic?

4. What are the differences between the Puritans' religious idea of government and the Quakers' religious idea of government?
5. What is Calvinism, and how did it influence an American figure (pick one)?
6. What ideas did evangelicals and Enlightenment thinkers, i.e., Diests, have in common?

Choose TWO of the above questions and write a short essay answering each. The essay should be succinct and answer the question, but also thorough, sounding out if not entirely dealing with the depth of the issue. Don’t be afraid of complication. Roughly 500 to 700 words per essay should be adequate. You MUST use (quote and cite) the Charles Lippy text, Introducing American Religion, as well as appropriate selections from the original texts in our reader. You may also use the sources listed on the bibliography, available on our website, www.americanreligionhca.pcbworks.com.

Due in class June 15.