Nov 3, 2011

Here the Devil

"... we improved each moment to get along as if we were fleeing for our lives .... We went down to the Stream but heard no man speak a word all the way for 3 miles but every one pressing forward in great haste and when we got to Middletown old meeting house there was a great Multitude it was said to be 3 or 4000 of people Assembled together.

"... my hearing him preach, gave me a heart wound ... my old Foundation was broken up, and I saw that my righteousness would not save me ....

"Now when I went away I made great Resolutions that I would forsake every thing that was Sinfull ... And at once I felt a calm in my mind, and I had no desire to any thing that was sin as I thought; But here the Devil thought to Catch me on a false hope, for I began to think that I was converted, for I thought I felt a real Change in me."

-- Nathan Cole, Spiritual Travels