Dec 29, 2011

A list of lists

1 best-selling book of the year
1 best-selling religious book of the year
3 best books on the King James Bible, that "book of books," in 2011
5 best historical fiction of the year
5 ways poets responded to the multitude in American poetry
5 numbers that define the year in book publishing
7 mega news stories of the year, by coverage
7 unforgetable characters from this year's books
8 longreads of the year
8 types of crime that declined in 2011
10 top fake Time Magazine covers of 2011
10 fastest rising searches on Google for the year
10 top Bible translations sold before Christmas
10 worst predictions of the year
10 top science stories of the year
11 photography books
11 best history books
11 top religion news stories
11 top Pagan/Wiccan news stories of the year
11 best science books
11 great new musicians
12 top Christian news stories of the year
13 best coffee table books of the year
14 best books read by a Calvinist pastor
16 not particularly famous but nevertheless interesting people who died this last year
16 space pictures
17 & 23 best and worst film titles of 2011
18 best Jewish children's books of 2011
20 newsmakers of the year
23 works of poetry that "expanded, deepened and/or transformed" Ron Silliman's reading
25 Christian fiction books reviewed by the SF Christian Fiction Examiner
25 albums of the year, according to NPR listeners
32 musicians who died this last year
41 best works on Mormon history in 2011
45 powerful pictures
54 top 10 lists from Time Magazine
100 top music tracks
105 political people who died in 2011
202 writers who died in 2011
46,000 news stories of the year, analyzed by Pew