Dec 24, 2011

Three scenes @ at a Christmas Eve bookstore

A. Man: What about Shakespeare?
Woman: Shakespeare's just soooooo Shakespeare.
Man: I guess that's true.

B. (Employee walks up to browsing woman).
Employee: What was that program you were talking about?
Woman: The program?
Employee: That you were talking about.
Woman: What was I ... when?
Employee: You were talking about the program you watched.
Woman: Um.
Employee: With Clinton?
Woman: I don't ...
Employee: You know what? I don't think you're the person I was thinking you were.
(Employee walks away).

C. Woman (holding Marcus Aurelius): Right?
Man: I don't ... what was the ... for, why?
Woman: Because Obama liked the Lincoln book and Lincoln in the book was reading the Marcus Aurelius. And John likes Obama, so.