Jun 15, 2012

The myth of infatuated Žižekians, ctd.

Maybe the perfect juxtaposition of an actual Žižekian to the imaginary infatuated Žižekian hoarde, from Logan Sachon:

1. "At the risk of upsetting Žižek’s fanatical global following, I would say that a lot of his work is impenetrable."

2. "I like the dude a lot, despite only understanding mayyyybe 10% of what he is talking about .... You will love him. Your head will hurt, but you will love him. And that accent: Incredible."

The funny thing is, one of the reasons to like Žižek is that he, of all people, has a pretty good explanation of why things like this happen, why "true believers" & "fanatics" have to be conjured up & invented, and what that says about our age.

It's belief by means of disavowal.

As Žižek would put it -- did put it:
"we don't now need to believe, we need another one ... [who is] supposed to believe."
Thus the usefulness & need for Žižek's addled ecstatics. Which don't exist, but still serve their function quite well while completely imaginary, allow skeptics to be skeptical & naive believers both with ease. As he opens in God in Pain:
"If, once upon a time, we publicly pretended to believe while privately we were skeptics or even engaged in obscene mocking of our public beliefs, today we publicly tend to profess our skeptical, hedonistic, relaxed attitude while privately we remain haunted by beliefs."