Sep 26, 2012

How the religious right really thinks?

In some quarters this Ralph Reed questionnaire is being reported as evidence of the true Religious Right zeitgeist. How things really are. This is how Reed frames the issue, the "Obama question" and this coming election, and that's supposed to mean that's how it really is for those Reed supposedly can get out to vote.

Reed is, after all, "Romney's best hope for rallying evangelical voters."

Or not.

I'm not much impressed by the Freudian-slip school of interpretation.

See this document that way, as accidental-true-secret-revealed, you miss the way this is also an argument being made specifically because there's some sizable group of the target audience that doesn't think this election is a big deal.

And you miss the way this is Reed trying to position himself as a relevant operative who should always get Republican money thrown at him.

How do we know this isn't just Reed mau-mauing, as much as it's anything?

As Tom Wolfe described the practice, when a different sort of "militant minority" was shaking down pols for contracts, it sure sounds a lot like Reed and this questionnaire of his:
"Going downtown to mau-mau the bureaucrats got to be the routine practice [...]. There was one genius in the art of confrontation who had mau-mauing down to what you could term a laboratory science. He had it figured out so he didn't even have to bring his boys downtown in person. He would just show up with a crocus sack full of revolvers, ice picks, fish knives, switchblades, hatchets, blackjacks, gravity knives, straight razors, hand grenades, blow guns, bazookas, Molotov cocktails, tank rippers, unbelievable stuff, and he'd dump it all out on somebody's shiny walnut conference table. He'd say 'These are some of the things I took off my boys last night ... I don't know, man ... [...] And they would lay money on this man's ghetto youth patrol like it was now or never ... [and] the bureaucrats felt like it was all real [...] like they were reaching all those hard-to-reach hard-to-hold hardcore hardrock blackrage badass furious funky ghetto youth.

Replace those furious funky ghetto youth with "the Religious Right" and the crocus sack of weapons with a reference to people thinking Obama is worse than Nazis, and Reed's your "one genius" at the Romney offices. Which must have worked OK, since this is a $10 million campaign.