Feb 26, 2013

Things that Žižek says in between saying other things

Notes of confessions, disavowals & affirmations & other asides in Slovoj Žižek's speech, "Das Jahr der gefährlichen Träume," in Heidelberg, Feb. 25, 2013.

"You say: 'Now you are a stupid magician. You go all around, where is your rabbits?'"

"Now I make some crazy steps."

"Of course, I am still a communist and so on."

Žižek in Berlin, 2011.
"Of course, I am still opposed to Islam."

"This is the logic I am afraid of, you stick to your ideals."

"Don't worry."

"Now we come to the philosophy part ... I mean politics."

"Malcolm X, you know, said 'fuck the African roots.'"

"They really hated me, all those multi-culturalists."

"Don't hit me. I am a feminist. I say this to provoke."

"This is what is beautiful in global capitalism, what I really love: Even the English language itself is being taken away from the English ones."

"Besides the obvious stupid fact that English is not my language."

"The answer is unambiguous: yes and no."

"I will try not to be too long, so I will skip how the logic I am trying to describe functions here."

"All great thoughts occur by mistake."