Jun 3, 2013

Metropolitan Jonah's future plans

More details of the negotiations between the Orthodox Church in America and the now-retired Metropolitan Jonah have emerged, via Ryan Hunter on his blog, Orthodox in the District. Jonah, it seems, was pushing the church that forced him to resign for a stipend, retention of his title, and freedom to minister. Now that these things are settled, he may found a monastery in Maryland.

Hunter writes:
Metropolitan Jonah has been awarded a monthly stipend along with insurance coverage, and he will not be expected to absent himself from both Dallas and Washington, D.C. as earlier demanded, but will free to live where he likes. He [will] be listed as the OCA’s most recently retired former Primate and Metropolitan, and he will keep the style of Metropolitan, since he was consecrated to this honor at his enthronement in November 2008.

Joyfully, Metropolitan Jonah is also free to serve wherever he likes and will be free to start a monastery, as he has wished to do for some time. Plans are currently underway to look into acquiring a rural Maryland site near Washington, D.C. which has a host of beautiful buildings. Evidently, Metropolitan Jonah will also be at liberty to request transfer to another jurisdiction if he so wishes, but he is also welcome to stay on as a retired Metropolitan in the OCA.
A convert and a supporter of Jonah, Hunter judges this a positive resolution.

Jonah has been active at a Russian Orthodox parish, in recent days, fueling speculation he may transfer out of the OCA. He's been at a church in D.C., among other things offering a lecture series titled Orthodoxy 101. The first lecture: