Oct 12, 2013

'For Christ's sake, let's ride'

From the documentary collection, Meet Me Here

The filmmaker's report that for these East Texans, 
Motorcycles might be the first entry point ... but it seems the larger bond is to community. Quite a few people we met had somewhat troubled pasts. Our sense is that finding such a welcoming, non-judgmental group must be very appealing. And being part of the church seemed to give them a greater purpose when out on the open road.
According to the Atlantic, there are 20 biker churches in the United States, and an additional 1,000 Christian biker clubs. There's also at least one Jewish biker group, the King David Bikers.

The group strikes me as, in many ways, paradigmatic of much of contemporary American religion, spirituality, and culture generally. Though they're of course their own unique thing, why and how they're that thing speaks also to the present condition in which we all live and move.