Jan 13, 2014

The market for Bibles never ends

"Just when we thought scholars had translated all of the Bibles that could be translated and Bible publishers had developed all of the styles and editions that could be possibly developed, the '90s showed that there's no limit where God's Word is concerned. There's always room for more, because there are always people who haven't yet cracked a Bible or learned to apply what they've learned.
-- Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz, His Time, His Way: The CBA Story: 1950-1999

Fifteen percent of American adults buy a Bible in a given year, according to the Barna Group. Eighty-eight percent of Americans have a Bible in their homes. Among those Bible owners, 26 percent of Bible owners own five or six Bibles, and 24 percent own six or more. Seventy-four percent of Americans say they have read the Bible.

The most popular version is still the King James.