Mar 8, 2014

Tippling popes

Local wines

Papal-branded alcohol, local to Tübingen. Pope Francis has a Walnut liquor, while Pope Benedict has the much stiffer drink, a 40 proof schnapps.

The name of the retired pontiff's drink puns his name before he was pope, Ratzinger, with the name of a popular brand of German schnapps, Ratzeputz. Josef Ratzinger once taught at the University of Tübingen and it is believed the chaos of students protests in the late 1960s prompted his lifelong conservatism.

The current pontiff's liquor puns his family name, Bergoglio, with the local Swabian slang word "Gôg." This refers condescendingly to the inhabitants of the lower part of the city of Tübingen, historically the university town's underclass. Roughly translated, "townie." In the late 1890s, author Herman Hesse said the Gôgen were drunk men, slovenly women and naughty children, all of them thieves.

They, like Pope Francis on the label of "BerGôglio," likely laughed at that.

Both papal liquors are available only in Tübingen.