May 20, 2014

Realigning with the presence of God through folktronica

David Crowder, the evangelical pop star previously of the very successful David Crowder Band, is releasing a new album next week under the name "Crowder." The album is called "Neon Steeple" and the single is "I Am."

Talking about the single in a promotional video, Crowder said the title is one of the Biblical names of God, and also names one of the greatest hopes of the Christian faith.

"No matter where you are in life," Crowder said, "you live and breathe in the very presence of God. And he has given access to himself. The creator of the universe has given access to us. And that's just, that's gorgeous. But so many times I forget about that and I need to be realigned to that reality."

He describes the music as "folktronica," explaining it is like "porch music and computer music at the same time."

In a review of the album, Kristen Solis of Breathecast writes that "Neon Steeple" is "very old school church" with a progressive sound. "It's a modern take on those classic outdoor church revival services that happened under big white tents," she writes.

Crowder will tour with the new songs at evangelical churches, colleges and music festivals, as well as a few secular venues such as Chicago's House of Blues, starting in August.