Sep 11, 2014

Jerry Jenkins: Obama's not the Antichrist

Christian fiction writer Jerry B. Jenkins does a series of Youtube videos. Mostly, the very prolific, very successful author uses the videos to talk about writing. In Writing Tip #15, Jenkins tells would-be novelists, "show, don't tell." Twice he's answered questions about the best computer program for writing. In another video, Jenkins talks about the effect Amazon book reviews have on sales. 

This is consistent with Jenkins' position as a writing coach and head of a vanity press.

Jenkins is also a Christian author though, so sometimes he gets asked religious questions. He's also most known for his apocalyptic fiction series, Left Behind, so sometimes he gets asked theological questions about the end times.

And sometimes he answers those questions.

Here, Jenkins responds to the question, "Is the microchip Obama is going to implement in 2017 the mark of the Beast?"

The video is by far Jenkins' most watched. It has been watched more than 10 times more than his second most popular video, Writing Tip #1 ("avoid throat-clearing").