Sep 20, 2014

'They’re all trying to tell me the exact same thing'

From the first full-length album by The Holy Ghost Electric Show:

My father and talk show hosts and televangelists, Holy Ghost
They’re all trying to tell me the exact same thing
That that my paper heart it pumps the blood,
But my paper veins ain't strong enough to give any relief to the brain
But my thoughts are baptized and realizing
That the only thing worth despising is the way I'm in every problem I have
One reviewer called the group's sound "everything-against-the-wall Americana."

Mississipi's Clarion-Ledger reports on singer Cody Roger's musical awakening:
Growing up a preacher's son in Corinth, (Mississippi), Cody Rogers wouldn't have known the difference between Dylan and his given name, Robert Zimmerman.
All music in the Rogers home might as well have begun and ended with the Christian rap trio DC Talk, as far as Cody was concerned.
'The '60s might as well have never happened. The '70s might as well have never happened for me,' Rogers said.
He remembers being invited by a friend age of 16 or 17 to listen to his vinyl collection.
'He put on a Bob Dylan record and it floored me,' Rogers said. 'I thought I had discovered something no one else knew about.'
Another Mississippi paper, the Jackson Free Press, notes there were some non-musical influences as well:
'Everything is borrowed from somewhere,' Rogers says. 'America is a melting pot of beliefs and cultures. We make American music.'
Lyrically, poets Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg have influenced Rogers greatly. Rogers has been writing poetry since age 12 and says his interesting upbringing -- his father worked as an inner-city preacher -- inspires most of their songs.
The Holy Ghost Electric Show released "The Great American" in August.