Sep 13, 2014

'Unconditional love, I swear I sell it all for this'

Lecrae's new single reached the number one spot on iTunes top songs chart last week. This is the first time a Christian hip-hop artist has had iTunes' most-downloaded song.

Lecrae was previously the first Christian hip-hop artist with a song to top iTunes' hip-hop/rap charts, with the single from his 2012 album "Gravity."

The new album, "Anomaly," was released on Sept. 9th. Three tracks made it to iTunes' top 10 most-downloaded songs and the album itself was the second most-downloaded of the week. The album was expected to sell more than 75,000 copies in the first seven days.

According to Vibe, the breakthrough doesn't signal a change in the hip-hop market or the coming of age of Christian hip hop as much as it shows how Lecrae himself is singular:
The contrast between Lecrae and virtually every other artist thriving in the current commercial hip-hop space is overwhelmingly vast. For years he was the jewel of a somewhat lackluster sub-genre, one comprised of fellow faithfuls who's stylings, in some eyes, were just a bit too holy and unambitious to win over the worldly folk. Now, though -- post-Grammy, post-BET and Billboard nods, post-cosign from all your favourites -- it's a new day altogether. And Lecrae is basically alone. He exists in a singular landscape, mapping out uncharted territory in hopes of finding signs of life. With nothing but a mic and a prayer, the Atlanta-based MC is attempting to redefine the public's narrow perception of rappers that have both conviction and skills to boot.
For his part, Lecrae said there's still a lot of misunderstanding of Christians in hip hop:
there's a misconception that Christians are out to prove how much better they are than everyone else, point fingers at them -- I think that's the wrong perception. Jesus himself was like, 'I didn't come to condemn, but to save.' He was hanging out with the prostitutes and the sinners. Christians, in reality, we're just as jacked up as everybody else is, we just have our hope in a different place. And I think that's the problem, we have a lot of bad representation in hip-hop.
Lecrae will start touring the album next month.