Jan 13, 2015

'And he can take the kingdom from whosoever he wills'

Now friend let me tell you:
God rules in the kingdom of men
And he can take the kingdom from whosoever he wills
And give it to the one he want to give it to
Now you liar
Now you backslider
Now you rich men
Let me tell you that God in heaven
To bring you down, my friend.
Now in conclusion,
If you deserve a God to range over you,
And if you want to home and down with the world,
Get in touch with God right now.

J.C. Burnett's sermon, "Downfall of Nebuchadnezzar," recorded in Oct. 1926 for Columbia, was one of the first in the gospel boom in "race records." Burnett's 10-inch record sold 80,000 copies, four times as many as a Bessie Smith album could be expected to sell at the time, even though Smith was outselling all other "race records" at the time. The next year, sermons made up a third of all recordings featuring African Americans.

One prolific minister, J.M. Gates of Atlanta's Mount Calvary Baptist Church, recorded 40 sermons in one nine-month period. Burnett continued recording sermons until 1945.

The B-side of the "Downfall of Nebuchadnezzar" was another apocalyptic text also taken from the book of Daniel: