Feb 20, 2015

'So that never happened in church again'

A tract on spanking children at church, circa 1945-1948, from "The Kids Tract Club," in Winona Lake Ind., distributed by Talking Gospel Pictures in Spokane, Wash. The tracts were sold at $1.50 per 100. 

This was one of a series of five, called "The Tantrums of Lil' Bess," by a woman named Betty Russell. In one tract, a 2-year-old Bess is shown being disciplined with the statement, "God is up in heaven. He sees everything we do." In another, 3-year-old Bess learns that she does bad things because she's sinful. 

More of the Lil' Bess comics can be seen on Ethan Persoff's site.